Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Dead Charismatics Coming to Charismatic Leaders In Dreams and Visions

Fred Butler at Hip and Thigh reports:
Deuteronomy 18:9-12 lists mediums, along with spiritists, soothsayers, and those who “call up the dead,” or those who would also be necromancers, as being abominations unto the Lord. No one in Israel was to have any dealings with them.
The classic biblical account of communicating with the dead comes from 1 Samuel 28. A rebellious and paranoid king Saul secretly visits the witch of Endor and asks her to conjure up the dead prophet Samuel so he can inquire of him what he should do about the imminent battle with the Philistines. He had judgment pronounced upon him, instead.
Yet, in spite of those stern warnings, modern day charismatic leaders will often enthusiastically recount their personal communications with deceased charismatic personalities.
End quote.

He gives examples of these leaders who have had these visitations: Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar,Bobby Conner, James Goll, David E. Taylor,Steven Springer, Paul Keith, Fred Stone (father of Perry Stone).
Fred Butler said, "While it may be true that level headed continuationists are rightly embarrassed that charismatic leaders will excitedly retell churches about their encounters with departed charismatic personalities, if you promote the belief that the Holy Spirit speaks in dreams to Christians, as outlandish as they may sound, who is to say they are not from God?"
When one believes in extra-biblical visions and dreams (thus denying the sufficiency and completeness of Scripture), one will end up endorsing the nonsense. One goes from "it's possible" to "it happens". Cases in point: Matt Chandler (visions and prophecies who has been on TBN three times), Mark Driscoll (visions and dreams), and John Piper (audible-like voice of God). In other words,  the "view" or position of ongoing signs and visions does not remain a mere "view" or position, but has experiences that back up that view. In some instances, the experience (deception by Satan) convinced them to change their doctrine to one that allows and justifies such anti-biblical experiences.

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