Monday, March 26, 2007

Why I Am No Longer A Republican

Today I have resigned from being a Republican of 19 years. I have found that the GOP has become increasingly liberal, while the Lord has caused me to become more biblical (and no, I haven't arrived and yes, I still have sin I deal with as the Lord convicts me of it by His Spirit and Word).

Here are some of my reasons for registering under "Decline to State" (I cannot find one party that reflects Biblical principles across the board):

I do not believe in:

Voting for “the lesser evil” which IS voting for Evil. I cannot do that while holding Christ Jesus over my name.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is violent. It hates the Only True God. It denies Jesus Christ is God. It denies the Trinity. It denies Scripture. It seeks out blood of all who reject its system and thinking. Convert or Die is NOT peaceful.

Big government

Big spending

Raising taxes

Approval or acceptance of homosexuals

Illegal Immigration

Lying about Illegal immigration amnesty by calling it a “visitor” program

Encouraging illegal activity by giving benefits (free health care, education, etc)

Any type of homosexual “rights” that are different from those that are in the Constitution for EVERY American

Same-sex “marriage” even at the state level

Campaigning for Mexicans in Mexico

Compromising with the Democrats on any issue such as education or health care

What I Believe in:

Fearing God, never man

Trusting God, not man

Pro-life EVEN WHEN THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER is at stake. Either I am pro-life totally or not at all. Either I trust God or I don’t.

Smaller government

Minimal taxes

Backing our soldiers

Enforcement of existing laws; in particular that of illegal immigrants

No hypocrisy in enforcing laws for those in leadership versus the common man

No benefits for non- American citizen

No approval of homosexuals on any level

No same-sex “marriages” or anything “like” it on any level

Principles are what guide me in every situation. My principles are from Scripture. If I make loopholes or exceptions, then they are NOT principles but just opinions. Biblical Doctrine is not optional.

Daring to be a Daniel. He was a man of integrity before God and man. He did not compromise for the sake of his life or position. He obeyed God rather than the king. He was consistant behind closed doors as well as out in the open.


Truth and Zeal said...
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Truth and Zeal said...

"Decline to State?" You too, eh? :D

Aren't Republicans for "minimal taxes?"

Anyways, I think there needs to be a balance (a bi-partisan effort) between both parties in politics. I think John Piper stated it best in his sermon on James 1:26 - 2:13:

"... every true Christian cares about being pure and unstained from the world. True religion visits orphans and widows, and true religion keeps oneself unstained from the world. Here is something to provoke the liberal and something to provoke the conservative. James gets in the face of leftward leaning democrats and James gets in the face of rightward leaning Republicans: To the one he says: Care about social justice and works of compassion. To the other he says: Care about private morality: chastity, honesty, fidelity, modesty, purity... So the stage is set: True religion--true Christianity--is moved by a Christ-shaped heart of mercy. It bridles the tongue when talking about people created in God's image. It cares for the poor, the ones who can easily be taken advantage of and don't have any power to care for themselves. And it keeps itself free from the impurities of pornography and gluttony and greed. The stage is set."

Dan (T&Z)