Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hypocrit: TD Jakes Cancels Zambia Trip In Fear of Disease: so much for living by what he spews

I got the heads up on this from Slic of Laodicea. Here's an excerpt from the short article at Insight News:

Oct. 14 (GIN) - American televangelist TD Jakes called off a planned trip to Zambia where he was to officiate at a Freedom Summit, meeting presidential hopefuls ahead of this month's presidential election.

Summit organizers were unable to reassure Bishop Jakes there was no chance of catching the viral hemorrhagic fever believed to be rodent-borne. Two out of three victims of the disease, who died in Johannesburg, had come from Zambia.

I guess what's good for the goose isn't good for the gande. Heretic TD Jakes seems to walk in fear and elitism instead of living by what he claims he believes: the Word-Faith junk. Even he doesn't believe what he spouts. That should tell his followers a LOT.


tlharvey7 said...

Why are so many people thinking T.D. Jakes. is a solid teacher?
you are correct in your post...
quick question for you, in your profile you talk about error in certain doctrines, which i agree with...but what do mean when you refer to reformed theology?
isn't that a good thing?

Denise said...

Well tl, there is error in Reformed theology,namely unbiblical infant sprinkling, acceptance of the Roman Catholic baptism, its view of the Lord's Table, Replacement theology, and ecclesiology.

The error began with Luther, continued with Calvin with the notion that an illegitimate & dead church could be reformed.

To be honest tl, I have found that most Reformers are quite man-centered, too.

Scripture says that there is but one baptism and that is of believers; the RCC baptism is invalid b/c it is an illegitimate church; Jesus is not spiritually or "specially" present while participating in the Lord's Table--it is a symbol of the reality that we are already in Christ; each church is autonomous and is accountable only to its congregation; and the churches are not Israel--God is not done with the nation of Israel.

Here's some great info you might be interested in:




Denise said...

Hey tl, I just looked at your blog and saw the entry on psych drugs. I agree with you.

Check this out: http://www.psychologydebunked.com/


Also: http://www.psychoheresy-aware.org/mainpage.html

Two excellent resources online. I read the Psychology Debunked book--very good.

Its shocking how many pastor's wives you know of that are on drugs!

My mom is heavily into psychology and has been all my life and I can tell you that psychology ruins families and relationships.

Psychology is worldly, devish wisdom and cannot help a single soul. Scripture, however, is God-breathed and is sufficient for all things pertaining to life and godliness. I emphasize Phil. 4 with professing Christians who are having problems and think psychology has answers.

Its amazing how low of a view of Scripture professing Christians truly have and yet how high a view of man ("science", psychology, philosophy) they have. =( Its no wonder so many are running around unstable, out of control, and with ruined lives. =(

tlharvey7 said...

i think i understand...i have heard about some of those issues. it's just that since i have come out of the charismatic movement (like yourself) and have grown to love the writings of Spurgeon and calvinistic preachers, i have considered myself "reformed"
my eyes were opened soon after hearing a Paul Washer sermon.
i flied down to first baptist church of muscle shoals (now called grace life)
while there i heard Russel Moore,
David Miller, Conrad Mbewe, and Jeff Noblit speak...the truths i learned made/make me weep and my life has not been the same

should i not use the term reformed?
what church do you belong to now?
(i hope you don't mind my questions! this is relatively new to me)
i now attend a small home fellowship pastored by a Presb. minister. i love it.

Denise said...


I think the Doctrines of Grace display God's amazing Sovereignty and love them. I knew of them before I heard of TULIP. =)

I just like clarity and since I don't hold to Reformed Theology in other areas, and really I'm baptist by doctrine and distinctives, I call myself a Baptist. =)