Monday, November 24, 2008

Christians: God Will Bring Judgment On Your Church and Seminary Before He Judges the World You Point Fingers At!

I read a comment by a fellow Christian in the UK who is decrying (rightly so) the immorality of his nation and knows our's is following suit. He is praying for American and requests we pray for the UK. Absolutely we should! But I wanted to post my response to him here as well because its my heart as I observe so much of "Christianity" these days.

Sadly, the major problem isn’t the world; it’s the “churches”. It seems a lot of professing Christians here point fingers at the world, especially since the election of Obama, saying God is going to judge this nation. What I point out to them is that God IS going to judge alright, but He will start His judgment with everyone’s church!

He’ll get to the world, but He is starting to sift through these groups that call themselves churches, who name Christ, yet have hirelings or worse, wolves, shepherding His flock. These are men who have no love for His people even when they say they do, who preach for the paycheck and benefits (which is a consideration before they take the top job), busy “feeding” everyone else’s’ flock but their own (conference circuit) at a price (preaching isn’t done for free anymore); they scatter the sheep, starve them of food, refuse to care for those who are burdened, and make a nice living off the sheep. See Ezek. 34.

Moreover these “churches” haven’t a clue about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and consider biblical doctrine as optional. How dare any Christian point fingers at the world, when those who name HIS name defy the very Master they say they believe!

Hypocrites are running amuck. Christians vote for abortionists, think politics will save our nation and our churches; they cower at the feet of leaders who are in serious error, ignore the sin of those in their church, play footsies with God-haters, water down the gospel, judge others for being judgmental, pretend they are a solid church and say the “right” things but inwardly they are dead. They use code words like “Sovereignty of God” yet mock that very thing by acting like atheists. They graduate from a conservative seminary yet twist Scripture for their own means. They claim "context is king" then turn around and eisogete God's Word. They say they want everyone to use their spiritual gifts, then shut down the very gifts God has given to their church because it goes against their agenda. They demand if the people really want to honor and glorify Christ, they will sacrifice for their multi-million dollar building fund—all the while the sheep are abused, wandering, starving, thirsty, dirty, scared, and feeling helpless.

God will judge this nation, but He will judge these “churches” first. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be easy. It will be painful and those who are His will have to endure much pain and persecutiong. But God is our Rock and Hiding Place. He is our Great Shepherd.


Prodigal Knot said...

Amen and amen!
Peter certainly makes no bones about the fact that judgment will begin with the church. Christ will thresh out the fakes from the genuine during the coming Tribulation when only those willing to stand and die will call themselves "Christians".

Phil Perkins said...

Biblically correct conclusion.