Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Tongue Lashing of Prime Minister Brown: Obama Needs The Same Thing

Take a listen to Daniel Hannan of Southeast England (a member of the European parliment) speaking to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Just good old fashion plain speaking and calling the PM, to his face, on the carpet for his hypocrisy. Finally, a politician who's had it with the whole mess. I only hope Hannan will keep his integrity also (politics is a horrid profession). And this is what Obama needs to hear for he is as guilty as Brown.

More from Daniel Hannan himself and how he was blacked out by the media...but Youtube gave his great three minute speech exposure (to the dismay of many of the media) and it seems he's struck a cord with thousands of people. He has many other speeches up on Youtube--apparently he's been sounding the alarm for months over there.

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rockwebmedia said...

Mainstream media ignored this slam of socialism, but Jay Leno slams Obama in this video with the c-word (communism):