Friday, September 25, 2009

Indoctrination of Children To Sing Praises of Leaders

In light of the recent news story about a group of children from a state government school, we should remember the same tactic is used with dictators in countries like Cuba and Venzuela, not to mention Germany in the 1930's.

USA Today photo and news story reported on 8-13-07:

"Congratulations Fidel on your day!" the children sang, clapping their hands as they kept time to the Cuban birthday song.

"What do I wish?" 7-year-old Dayron Gutierrez asked an Associated Press Television News crew, his mouth covered with frosting. "That he doesn't die. I love him."
Another shocking video showing children singing the praises of Obama during his campaign last year compared with the children singing the praises of Hitler. The lyrics in the Hitler Youth clip says:
"Adolf Hitler is our savior...our hero..He is the noblest being in the whole whild world. For Hitler we live.For Hitler we die. Our Hitler is our Lord. Who rules a brave new world."


grace said...

What is so astonishing and rather alarming is that Obama is not rebuking any of this. Wasn't he standing there when Oprah praised him and proclaimed him "the one"? And was it also the editor of Newsweek that declared, he is like "god"? Still no word from the Obama camp refuting any of this.

Maybe he is at the stage where he believes and can proclaim "I am god!" ?

Denise said...

Good point!