Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did You Give To Tricky Warren On December 31, 2009? Then The Joke's On You

Remember two days before the end of 2009 when Tricky Warren sent out an urgent letter crying about how his church was $900,000 in debt? Remember how he not only got it, but then some ($2.4 million to be exact)?

Well, well, well, just a few short months later they suddenly have the funds to try to purchase 20 acres of Robert Schuller's empire.

Do you think its a coincidence he pleaded poor boy on December 30, 2009 only to put in a bid for the 20 acre Crystal Cathedral retreat property a few short months later? He was using his minions to get money to buy more property.

Wake up folks. He really is a huckster.

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new5pointer said...

He's a character.