Friday, July 30, 2010

Apostate Terrorists: do they terrorize your or your church into silence?

Thanks to Apprising Ministries for John MacArthur's excerpt from Jude. Its been a while since I heard this and thought it was even more appropriate now than ever before. Here's a portion:

"Now Jude t hen writes this epistle to serve as a warning and to give for us a portrait of these apostate terrorists. These are people who have been exposed to the faith, exposed to the truth, who have defected from the truth, who have denied the truth, who have rejected the truth. But who have kept the name Christian, kept some identification with the person of Jesus and with God and therefore remaining within the framework of Christendom have become subtle, hidden deceivers. And unless the church has acute powers of discernment, unless the church is willing to pay the price of exposure, unless the church can get over its sappy sentimentalism about not wanting to say anything that offends anybody, it’s going to allow itself to be devastated by these imbedded satanic Al Qaeda." ~MacArthur

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Jim Burton said...

Denise, I so appreciate your boldness to confront the issues facing the church today. I write an article for our local newspaper and then I post it on my blog afterwards. I invite you to read my latest article, I think you would enjoy it.

Thank you for your faithfulness

Jim Burton