Monday, April 04, 2011

Terrorism Works

Terrorism works.

When an American, no matter how stupid he is, is told he should not exercise his freedom to burn the quran or protest Islam because it puts American soldiers in harms way in Afghanistan, then terrorism has won.

Muslims will find any excuse to riot; this Florida preacher just happened to be the latest trigger. But he had nothing to do with the myriad riots and removal of Muslim secular dictators in recent months. The Middle East was already in commotion. This was just an excuse, nothing more.

As I said last year when this same preacher said he would burn a quran, the military is over there supposedly fighting for his right to do that HERE. They can handle the battle, can they not? They are afterall, soldiers. If we give in to terrorism, but Muslims dictating to Americans what we can and cannot do, they have won. Get our soldiers out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lybia.

Or do we submit to Islam and welcome Sharia law?

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