Thursday, October 20, 2011

Osteen and Piper: Both Defend Heretics

Osteen embraces Mormon Mitt Romney as a Christian simply because he says he believes in "Jesus".

The problem is that Osteen is an unbeliever and has no idea what a Christian believes or Who the Jesus of Scripture is, and therefore has no idea that the Jesus of Mormonism is a different Jesus altogether.

But here's the other problem. What Osteen did in defending Romney as a brother in Christ even while not knowing anything (apparently) about Joseph Smith, etc., is no different than what John Piper does in defending equally heretical Rick Warren and calling him a brother in the Lord.

Its hypocritical and its sin to slam Osteen when Piper does the exact same thing, and there is NO excuse for Piper's repeated, unashamed, and defiant defense of heretic Rick Warren. Why will people name Osteen as a false teacher, but not Warren and not Piper for his treachery?


Committed Christian said...

What a good overview of what the Mormon's believe. I am going to put that video in a post soon. Mormonism is anything but Christianity.

terriergal said...

So I have to wonder if these are some of the "called and ordained" ministers good Christian women aren't supposed to criticize?