Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Piper Endorses Sex Book By Divorced Emergent Priest

John Piper endorses a feminist Emergent who's got a book on sex (as if we need MORE).She is not only Emergent, she's a divorced woman (2009) and was ordained into the Episcopal church in 2011. Her name is Lauren Winner. Desiring "God" is giving this book away, he love it that much. Here is what's wrong with Winner, as if the above isn't enough.

So you can be divorced, convert from Orthodox Judaism to the false  Episcopalian church (daughter of Rome), promote Contemplative Spirituality,and be a priest in a false church.

Piper continues to promote enemies of the cross, violating 2 John 9-11.

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/niles said...

I have no word for these exposition. Our leaders want to please the audience so much that the are dining with half-truths. We are loosing our leaders one by one...This is why all people should be reading the inerrant Bible for our own self.