Friday, May 11, 2012

The Great Danger In the Christian Churches Today

“What is the great danger in the Christian church today?  … The danger to the church today, whatever the denomination, from within, is the person who wears the cloth of Christ… and who stands behind the sacred desk, and who is unfaithful to the word of God.  That is the ultimate danger to the church.  The corrupt and apostate shepherds who infest our theological seminaries and our colleges, and fill our pulpits throughout the United States and Canada, and who know not God, do not believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, and will stand in the way of anybody that wants to preach it.   The cancer is within, and it eats away, and we don’t recognize it.”  ~The late Dr. Walter Martin

Exactly!! I would add, the dangerous ones are those who also, while claiming solid doctrine turn around and more than greet a false teacher (2 John 9-11), actually promote the false teacher as legitimate, thus giving credibility to a wolf all the while slamming those who recognize the wolf as mean, slanderers, disrespectful, etc.

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