Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Churchless People

‎"He that readeth sermons and good books at home to save his pains of going to hear, is a thief to his soul in a religious habit: he consults for his ease, but not for his profit; he eats cold meat when he may have had hot; he hazards losing the benefits of both by contemning of one."

~William Gurnall

This is very true today--so many churchless "Christians" who have no love for that which Jesus Christ died for. Its one thing to love the local church and desire to find one that is striving to please the Lord and sometimes is very hard to find--but indeed looks till it is found---but far MORE refuse to submit to the Lord under the local church's authority. They are rebels and frankly, don't belong in a church with such treacherous hearts against the King. They just need to stop calling themselves "Christians" and stop acting like they are more spiritual than the rest of us because they refuse to go to that which HE died for.

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