Saturday, June 13, 2015

Born That Way? Nope, Now Your Mere Desire To Be Something Else Makes You Something Else

There is no reality inside the mind of liberals. They think in terms of what they think should be or what is, then respond emotionally to that, instead of what actually is reality and responding reasonably.

Now we have Bruce Jenner being accepted as a woman simply because he wants to be a woman.

Now we have Rachel Dolezal (president of Spokane's NAACP chapter) being black simply because she wants to be.

We have Bill Clinton as the "first black president" as liberal author Toni Morrison proclaimed.

So using the same reasoning, if a sodomite wants to be straight, then he should be considered straight, right?

Wait, they keep telling us that sodomites are "born that way" and they can't change it--we must accept their unnatural desires and lifestyle.

But white people are born white.

Males are born males.

You see the problem?

It removes their claim to eternal victimhood and demand of accepting something that they claim is unchangable.

This also brings up certain questions.

Can these new trans-racial people experience true victimization by racism?

Do black lives really matter if you aren't actually black, but white?

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