Sunday, August 21, 2016

The LDS Church Supports Muslim Immigration

I post this because of the LDS's liberal agenda which spawns from it's cult history. Their story was that they were endlessly persecuted and forced to wander and ended up in Salt Lake City. The truth is that they are a cult and their beliefs were (and are) outlandish, including polygamy.*
"Mormons worship the US Constitution and its guarantee of religious liberty. Radical Islam is the number one enemy of religious liberty in the world today. " - Tom Tancredo on Breitbart
This is a good point, as well:
 It is an open secret in Washington, D.C. that the Mormon church supports open borders and lax enforcement of immigration laws. Many Mormon politicians have been supporting amnesty and open borders for decades. 
The media is suddenly full of stories on Trump’s “Mormon problem.” According to the mainstream media, Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” of Muslim immigrants in his foreign policy speech kicked open a hornets’ nest of Mormon concerns about “religious tolerance.”
ISIS leaders must be rolling in the mosque’s aisles in uncontrolled laughter over the Mormon concern over Muslim immigration, considering that religious liberty is the first casualty wherever radical Islam and Sharia are enforced.
Under Sharia law enforced by orthodox Muslims wherever they have the power to do so, religious liberty is defined as giving Christians and Jews and other “infidels” a choice: either convert to Islam, pay the “Jizya” tax, or die. That is religious liberty under Islam, and it bears no resemblance to the religious liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution.
Trump is advocating a new policy of vigorous, effective screening of Muslim refugees and immigrants to identify likely Islamist terrorists and bar their admission to our country. So, how did a ban on admission of likely terrorists become a war on religious liberty? Once you find a good answer to that question, my friends, you will have discovered the answer to the riddle of political correctness run amok.
The truth is that not only does the Constitution NOT prohibit immigration restrictions on persons holding beliefs hostile to public safety and national security, there are several US Supreme Court decisions upholding Congress’s and the President’s powers to put the nation’s safety and security ahead of any alleged universal right of foreign nationals to enter the United States. 
                      ~Tom Tancredo at Breitbart

Brigham Young ordered the massacre of 150 non-Mormon immigrants. This became known as the Mountain Meadows massacre. Young ordered Bishop John D. Lee in 1877 to murder a wagon train of helpless immigrants.- Wikipedia (also reported elsewhere)

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