Friday, February 17, 2017

David Platt: apology but no repentance

David Platt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board, apologized Wednesday for the division caused by the organization's decision to join an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief to support a New Jersey Islamic society's right to build a mosque.
"I can say with full confidence that in the days ahead, IMB will have a process in place to keep us focused on our primary mission: partnering with churches to empower limitless missionary teams for evangelizing, discipling, planting and multiplying healthy churches, and training leaders among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God," he added.

According to the same article, Dean Haun, a trustee of the IMB said, "As a trustee for the International Mission Board, I was getting call after call from pastors asking me why we did this as the International Mission Board. I had no idea because we were not informed of any of this in our trustee meetings," he said. "If you put our International Mission Board mission and purpose statements on one side and put this action on the other side, it just doesn't fit."

Haun resigned.

So it seems there was no repentance, just an apology. Those two things are different. One is just words, the other is a heart conviction in the opposite action of what previously had been taken. Platt isn't sorry for endorsing an anti-Christ, anti-woman, pro-lying, pro-violent religious government.The repentance should be regarding endorsing the building of a filthy pagan mosque that sets it's sights against Christ Jesus, the Bible, and literally the lives of all non-Muslims. I dare say, if any terrorists are found connected to this mosque, Platt will be guilty before God. So, repentance? No. He's just sorry that it caused a division from his quorum. The guy has to keep his job, you know**.

This merely proves yet again with the problem when a ministry is not part of a church--there is no true accountability and your organization usurps that which according to Scripture is the local church's function.

** So looking up another article related to this issue, from January, it seems this was likely the case. Haun's church of 2,000 people withheld their money until things changed. Platt seemed fine with Haun leaving, but with this new apology, I suspect money was drying up.

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