Friday, July 06, 2018

Hillsong Songwriter: "songs are like poo"

THIS is why it MATTERS who writes "worship" songs. At least the heretics admit it---Evangelicals don't.

From the "Christian" Post:

"Songs are like poo," Ligertwood told Vous Church Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. after he praised her famous worship song "Hosanna" and asked where the ideas for her worship song come from.

"Whatever you feed yourself, is what's going to come out. You could say life is like that," she described. "Scripture is the answer to that. I love to read, I love the Bible, I have a bad back because of it."

Ligertwood explained that meditating and chewing on Scripture is what keeps her focused on the right lyrics to put together.

Adding, "Songs are not only like poo, but songs are almost like the ground that's fertilized by the manure of life."

End quote.
Her pastor went on to say:
"We do put more effort into the theology of our songs than we ever have before for that very reason (of being able to reach into the hearts of people around the world)," he said. "So we have people specifically who, every single song has to fit through a system of being tested by theologians." - Heretic Brian Houston of Hillsong church.

For info on WOF Houston and his church empire-movement go here , here, and here (I can't endorse all the links there, however it gives info for further research). False teacher and former "pastor" Christine Caine (now gone solo) has been joined with Beth Moore (selfies anyone?) and John Piper at conferences.

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