Friday, February 08, 2008

Bush Thinks the Conservatives Should Support McCain

They're at it again.

When will these guys GET IT? I'm NOT interested in their compromising politics. They can't win my vote, nor will the GOP get me back.

Today Bush said, according to Bloomberg:

``Soon we'll have a nominee who will carry a conservative banner in this election and beyond,'' Bush said at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. ``This is an important election. Prosperity and peace are in the balance.''

Bush, in speech running almost 45 minutes, told the group that ``the American people support our points of view'' and ``share our philosophy.'' He outlined differences between Republicans and Democrats on issues such as taxes and judicial nominees."

1. McCain is not a Conservative and neither is Bush. Both are moderates and mere RINO's.

2. Saying you are Conservative and actually BEING Conservative are two different things. I'm not buying their song and dance routine. Their records, which ARE their actions, speaks for themselves. Collaborating with the Democrats means you are not Conservative. Quit lying to us and quit acting like we're a bunch of mindless moronic robots. Its because of leaders like you two that I left the GOP.

3. Money and peace isn't happening now and it won't with McCain. As long as the Moderates and Democrats claim Islam is a religion of peace, we're sunk. Nothing but white flag wavers, these guys are. When the government forces people to give up their homes for a hotel, that's no way to prosper. Bet the Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they saw that.

4. McCain and Bush don't share my views and I certainly don't share their philosophies of holding hands with the enemy, whether its the drunkard named Teddy Kennedy, or the head of the PLO terrorist gang. Big government, bloated budgest, big spending ---none of these are in line with the GOP platform nor with me. Then again, the GOP plateform is nothing but platitude and useless rhetoric--means nothing anymore.

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Nina said...

Lets see how "conservative" McCain is HMMMMMMM not very