Friday, February 01, 2008

Public Schools Can Expose Children to Offensive Ideas--Let's Test that Theory By Bringing in Scripture Against Homosexuality

World Net Daily is reporting here about how the appellate court in Massachusetts has upheld a judge's immoral decision to expose kindergartners to homosexuality teaching despite the protest from parents. In part the articl says:

In a case that could wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court, an appeals panel upheld dismissal of a lawsuit by Massachusetts parents seeking to prevent discussion of homosexual families in their children's elementary school classrooms. The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday agreed with a judge's decision last year that a school can expose children to contrary ideas without violating their parents' rights to
exercise religious beliefs.

"Public schools," wrote Judge Sandra L. Lynch, "are not obliged to shield individual students from ideas which potentially are religiously offensive, particularly when the school imposes no requirement that the student agree with or affirm those ideas, or even participate in discussions about them."

Ok, then, so the next time an Atheist or Muslim decry the teaching of Christmas, Easter, Creation, Jesus Christ, Hanukkah, or biblical marriage (one man wed to one wife), we can quote from Judge Lynch. Let's see how suddenly its not applicable for conservatives and/or Christians. Let's see what happens in Mass. when a teacher or a student, brings in the Bible and reads from it regarding how homosexuality is a sin. Will they also say that the school can allow it because "the school is not obliged to shield studentds from ideas which potentially are religiously offensive"?


NWProdigal said...

Truly, the world has gone mad, and those thinking themselves wise have become fools (to paraphrase Romans 1). This judge evidences her inability to think out the ramifications of her decisions. She is a very poor excuse for a person who should make such weighty decisions.

I wonder, as do you, what happens to the force of these arguments when Christian beliefs are espoused? The ruling would be appealed or disallowed, I'm sure.

God will judge America and do it righteously. He is not mocked and everything we Americans hold dear will soon be seen for what it is...dung.

Emma said...

The difference is that discussions of, for example, families with two mothers or families with two fathers is not a religious discussion, as opposed to the teaching of Creationism, or Chanukah, or any of your other examples. Discussion of such families is on par with acknowledging and accepting single-mother households, or divorce, or any number of other situations that in fact exist by the hundreds of thousands in our society. Homosexuals are just as much a part of America as heterosexuals, and to deny this is to deny reality.