Tuesday, June 17, 2008

JC Watts & Armstrong Jones Play The Racist Card

Now JC Watts, who I used to like, is playing the race card.

Besides that, apparently he used to be a Southern Baptist Convention pastor before becoming a politician ( didn't realize that before--that in itself is clue #1; anyone who gives us "the call" wasn't called and to be a politician you have to lie--both disqualifiers for being an elder).
He's also playing politics really well, by using the "I didn't say *that*" line, when asked about voting for Obama, when that's all that is left to infer.

Good thing he's not behind a pulpit. Apparently being an undershepherd wasn't good enough for him. Now he can hound the GOP for their "lack of reaching out to the Blacks".

Armstrong Williams also may vote for Obama for the racist issue too. Give me a break.

They're all killing me. Bunch of compromising racists. Glad I left the GOP in the dust.

Fear God.
Vote Biblically.
Don't Compromise.©


NWProdigal said...

Actually, I have been trying to "leave the GOP in the dust" myself! But, they keep calling and writing and sending me birthday cards, ad infinitum. I have no political affiliation anymore. One of my first demonstrations of change after becoming a believer was to take GWB's framed, signed photo off my office wall and declare that I have no allegiance to any man made party.
I just wish the GOP would get the hint. They've probably spent more money trying to get me to send money than what I would have sent if I weren't a Christian. Go figure!

Denise said...

LOL You could challenge the poor telemarketer types when they call...throw them for a loop by asking what's the different now between the GOP and the DNC or something like that.

I am SO relieved to no longer be a Republican. I'm no longer affiliated with any party either.