Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A "Reluctant Vote" Is Still A "Yes Vote" And That's All The GOP Sees

The SBC members sound like they will "reluctantly vote" for womanizing, adulterer, liberal John McCain. I have to ask, what does a "reluctant vote" look like? Is it a shakey "x"? Is it a very tiny "x" next to McCain's name? Does the "X" say, "Hey I may be an X but I really don't want to be here!"? Is there a pile for votes marked "Reluctant Votes" ? I mean, come on. All the whining and complaining means nothing, NOTHING, if you still vote for the ungodly, womanizing, no-integrity, compromising RINO.

The ONLY vote McCain will see is the "x". He doesn't give a rip about how reluctant or supportive the voter is. He just wants that X next to his name.

So all of you guys who will be voting for the liberal RINO while "holding your nose", just remember, he's HAPPY for your vote and doesn't care how hesitant you are. Your reluctance goes unnoticed. As does your "nose-holding" and whining.

Jeremiah 17:5, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord.’”

Fear God, not man.
Vote biblically not pragmatically.
Don't compromise.


Scott said...

Great Post..... I'm beginning to fear our entire government only acts based on outside forces, and not what their own opinions and beliefs are. It hurts me to hear people say they will reluctantly vote for someone, or that Pelosi will not allow impeachment proceedings to continue because it might be a "distraction" for the Democrats winning the White House in November. There are countless other examples of people doing things because the Party says so, or to be a part of the team, and not stand for truth and justice.

Anna said...

If you would vote "conservative" if another candidate was running, but instead you vote for a third party because you don't like McCain (I don't either) you are just giving Obama a vote. It's a lesser of two evils thing. You can say that you are voting with integrity, but in reality you are voting for Obama.

Denise said...


I've heard your arguement from others before, but I have to disagree. When I put an "x" next to someone's name, I'm actually voting *for* that person. When they tally it, its a vote *for* him. Its putting my stamp of approval (however much or little) regardless of my motives.

If people would understand this, then Arnold Schwarzenaggar would likely have not won the first term as California Governor, because we had a conservatie, Tom McClintock running (who, btw predicted a year ago the economic disaster we're suffering from now--its worse than when Grey Davis was governor when we voted in a new governor).

Now we have homosexual marriages starting tomorrow, all state textbooks banned from using "mother and father" and "husband and wife" because it *might* offend the one person in the whole school that has homosexuals at home. That's all thanks to Gov. Arnold. And "Conservatives" put him there. I knew he was liberal when he ran the first time because I read his website and he said he was for homosexual rights. This was no surprise to me.

The ultimate issue is, how our vote reflects our principles. Are we Conservative because we SAY we are, or because actually vote that way? Its the same question fairly put to politicans, don't you think?

NWProdigal said...

My take is this:
This whole "right to vote" privilege has only been around a couple of centuries. God ordained it for a time, but it almost appears that we are moving into a pseudo choice era. We are given choices we cannot make in good conscience, so that tells me God is taking over who will be over us as a nation.
The Republic was a gift from God and Americans have spit in God's face too many times. God will appoint us our judges and kings, whether we think we are choosing them or not. The church up until the 1700's had to suffer or rejoice under kings and tyrants that were not of their choosing, but God's, for His unknowable reasons. We're there again, whether we realize it or not, IMHO.