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Twilight Seduction of Christians: love of reading trumps love of Scripture Truth

Excerpts from: * The "Twilight" Phenomena by Caryl Matrisciana and Paul Villanueva. December 2008 (bold, my emphasis)


Twilight takes occult darkness, introduced in Potter, to deeper, decadent fathoms: overt vampirism, acceptable blood-sucking (in this movie its only animal blood – later? Wait and see!) and sexual lust for the possessed soul (made appealing in its fictionalized form!). The books, akin to the Potter’s series, promote and familiarize their audience with magick, Wicca, supernatural powers and demon possession.

But what is beyond alarming is that Christians are seduced by satanic deception and have succumbed to Twilight's fascination of dark wisdom, a power Scripture warns against - loving evil more than good (Psalm 52:3), and placing what the world admires before what God requires.

Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, The Catholic News Service, Christian Stay at Home Moms and Christian Teen Magazine are among some of the Christian groups who’ve been misled by occult delusion, and instead of warning Christians of its dangers, have compromised its lying message. "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.... Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" Isaiah 5:20-21

Simultaneously, in 2006 a teenage phenomenon began gaining incredible momentum – a demonically inspired series of vampire romance, which surprisingly has hoodwinked Christian youth who are confusing God’s love with sensual, romantic lust and His Word with occult philosophy. As Twilight lulls the spiritually asleep into a darker 2009, the church needs to wake up to the supernatural dangers these compromises pose.

About the author and the instigation of what drove her to write the book

A housewife named Stephenie Meyer “received” the story of Twilight in a dream on June 2, 2003. The vision she had of a vampire and mortal as lovers compelled her to start writing the story immediately. She says she couldn’t resist the drive to write down her dream (a similar scenario to J.K Rowlings, author of Harry Potter). Meyer gives a summary of that first dream: “I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately.” Within three months, she had the entire novel written. Within six-months, it had been dreamed, written, and readied for publishing.

Meyer, a Mormon mother of three, states that some of her inspiration in writing her vampire saga came from a band of musicians called Marjorie Fair. “For New Moon, they were absolutely essential. They can put you into a suicidal state faster than anything I know . . . Their songs really made it beautiful for me.” Also an inspiration for one of her characters was a band called My Chemical Romance. She states, “It’s someone . . . who just wants to go out and blow things up.” See mind blowing information about the music industry and a shocking spirituality many are involved in.

Scaringly, Meyer's fictional character Edward took on the "terrifying" form of "real" spirit when it leapt from the pages of her saga and communicated with her in a dream. She says she had an additional dream after Twilight was finished when her vampire character Edward came to visit and speak to her. The Edward who visited her in the night told her she'd got it all wrong because he DID drink human blood, and could not "live" on ONLY animal blood as she wrote in the story. She said, “We had this conversation and he was terrifying.”

Conversation with spirits (saying they need human blood to suck!) and frightening dream visitations by spirits are part of occult communication. Meyer’s spiritual experiences could well be influenced by her Mormon faith which allows for communication with the so-called "the dead"; indeed "the dead" of former generations are baptized into Mormonism in Mormon Temple ritual. Mormon founder Joseph Smith was "visited" by a communicating "angel" called Moroni, whose statue stands atop all Mormon Temples. This fallen angel of Mormonism gave Smith messages on which he formed his Mormon doctrine about prior civilizations, none of which have been discovered despite endless archeological digs to substantiate Mormons claims. Others Mormon teachings conflict with biblical Christianity such as Mormonism's claim that Jesus (Yeshua) of the Bible is the half-brother of Satan. Mormons additionally believe numerous teachings about the spirits that oppose Bible truths and could help embellish Meyer's Twilight series.

Focus on the Family's reviewer continues with a lack of spiritual discernment writing, “So within the context of a monster mash such as this, we can see a reflection of the Christian calling to put away the old man of sin and embrace the new one.” (Comparing the vampire’s struggle to hold back his desire to devour his young lover and drink her blood to the transformational power of the Lord Jesus Christ!)Focus's reviewer admits, “Edward considers himself and all other vampires to be eternally damned, and he resists mightily the idea of allowing Bella to descend into the abyss that he finds himself submerged in. She doesn't care a whit about that. She's eager to become a ‘cold one’ if only it means she will be with her beau forever.” Yet Focus recommends this “positive” movie to the “Christian” youth despite its blatant occultism, “Edward can read minds. His sister, Alice, sees visions of the future.” ….and the only “negative” admission from Focus is that the characters Edward and Bella “lie” to protect the vampire’s identity.

Biblical Christianity is under attack as is God’s Word, beginning with the wiles of Satan in the Garden who engaged Eve in “dialogue” about God’s truths. She was tempted to understand the unknowable God through her own limited reasoning. Dialectic conversing is designed to bring about collective consensus and is Satan's agenda. God encourages the study of His Word so that we may be approved workmen "rightly dividing the word of truth". (2 Tim 2:14-15) Youth must come to the things, “which are proper for sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1) for the sake of their eternal souls.

End quote.

It gets worse as more “Christian” reviewers are cited showing their utter lack of biblical wisdom or discernment and having a morbid fascination for wickedness thinking there’s light in it.
“…no lie is of the Truth” Scripture says.

Folks, please keep your kids from this demonically inspired garbage. It does NOT matter if its a book that would inspire your child to read. I'd much rather had a child innocent as to the demonic occult realm and not be taken with reading, than to read through all four books as if a love for reading (occult and lust) trumps a love for God and HIS Word!

**Note*** I do not know much about the website that this critique came from, so as always please be cautious.

****UPDATE**** Here's a good website with some info on Twighlight's problems.


Phil Perkins said...

The practice of the sufficiency of Scripture. Not just putting it in the doc statement.

black_lockets said...

I don't know what it is about this story... but there is a real strong, creepy, compulsive draw that tempts a reader in.

It's actually kind of freaky. An accurate way to describe the sentiment can be quoted from the general idea of one too many statements I've seen - regarding this series,

"...Like Edward is to Bella, this book seems to be my brand of heroin."

The last installment really bothered me. Especially when the author was idolizing the vampires in almost God-like glorification, with words and phrases such as "almost worship" or "perfect" and "reverence".

There's just something that is really spiritually out of place with this book, even though it the author is apparently religious in her own right.

black_lockets said...

By the way,

Thank you for writing this.

This is so insightful.
I went as far as researching on google to see if (yeah...far fetched to some) if the twilight series was possessed.

At first, I thought I was being just overlyreligious or paranoid about it...but it really makes me feel better to be informed on this p.o.v.

Denise said...

Hi black lockets,

You are welcome. I found the article very helpful too...gave me some concrete things to zero in on, because it was one of those "I don't know but the vampire thing and this relationship with the guy and girl seems dark"---now I see why.

You are right in your concerns about this book/movie--I wish more people would be too; even if they can't put a finger on it.

Thank you for dropping by! Happy New Year. :)