Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Conservatives" Leaders Are Embracing Homosexuality

Today's "Conservatives":

Rush Limbaugh pays $1 million to Elton John to sing at his fourth wedding.

Ann Coulter is speaking at an event that is hosted by GOPROUD, a homosexual "conservative" group. She went bullistic on Farah for Worldnetdaily's dropping her from their upcoming "Taking America Back National Conference". She throws ad homs and personally attacks him, which tells me someone that angry is very defensive.

I noticed Coulter going down this road a few years ago, making some statement about how the GOP is big enough to include homosexuals.

Homosexuality, besides being unbiblical, is against good morals. This is why its shunned by true conservatives. Its not personal, its principles. I'll just be honest. Homosexuality is a sin.

I left the GOP a few years ago because it has gotten quite liberal while I'm going in the opposite direction. Its becoming so that there's little difference between the two parties anymore, either morally or fiscally. I know. I live in California. Enough said, eh? =/

Then there's Glen Beck who also thinks that while America is going down the tubes, homosexuality isn't a threat. Say what?

I'm fearful that Glen Beck is also head the same direction as Coulter, because he made it very clear that dealing with immorality like homosexuality isn't "what he does" yet he says American is going down in flames. Well, one need merely to look at Romans 1 in Scripture to see this happening, and homosexuality IS an enemy on a multitude of levels---whether morally, financially (big socialist programs), or shutting down the rights of those who oppose them (the intolerance of the tolerant left). So we'll see which way Beck will end up. Time will tell. It already has with Ann Coulter, sadly.

In dealing with Beck in a different article, WND quotes Joseph Farah, editor and founder, "When conservative leaders like Beck shrug off the ramifications of same-sex "marriage," they unwittingly reject traditional marriage's biblical ordination and its history as the bedrock protector of women, children and a free, self-governing society, said Farah."

The article goes on to note the hypocrisy of Beck who's trying to show the infiltration of Marxism in our country.


Kupelian outlines the unforeseen and far-reaching consequences of legalizing safe-sex marriage, including:

*schools required to teach that homosexuality is normal and acceptable;
*the criminalization of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality as pastors and rabbis fear preaching their faith's core moral values;
*the inevitable legalization of polygamy and other new and bizarre forms of "marriage"

...After all, from the Marxist perspective, if you're serious about transforming America – from a land of limited government and individual liberty rooted in a transcendent, faith-based moral code to a population of compliant, needy people dependent on a god-like government – you simply must separate the population from Judeo-Christian values and morality."

"Glenn," he adds, directly addressing the popular Fox host, "the three founders you picture daily on your Fox TV show under the heading Faith. Hope. Charity – namely Sam Adams, George Washington and Ben Franklin – would have been horrified, appalled and aghast at the mere thought of men marrying men and women marrying women."

End quote.

Dave Kupelian and Joseph Farah are right. These "conservatives" are playing right into the hands of the Left.

Now we can't forget Dick Cheney's endorsement of same-sex "marriage"; the timing shows it was likely due to his daughter deciding to become a lesbian.

Then there's Cindy McCain and her daughter (Meghan, who works holds a little elephant quaint) who support same-sex marriage--by posing for a print ad for "NOH8".

As well as Laura Bush. She thinks same-sex "marriage" should be legal, and abortion should remain legal.

Conservative? How, exactly?

Christian? Not at all.

Joseph Farah also writes on this issue of how "Conservatives" are actually liberal, and how disheartening it is to be in the minority of those who know that homosexuality, for instance, is a sin and should be shunned. (Note: I can't endorse all of the WND site b/c I do have some doctrinal problems with some of the contributors, so always read with caution).


MilkMoney said...

I can certainly understand the initial reaction by believers to feel disheartened by the current trend we see among "conservatives". But, I am reminded of a wonderful promise that Jesus made to us regarding our position in this world: "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" John 16:33. You won't hear this truth from Limbaugh Coulter, Beck, et. al.. It's more important to beat liberals and democrats during elections then to stand for God's truth.

Denise said...

Hey MM!

Yes, indeed, our peace is in Him Who rules His universe. Its just horrible to have to live through the horror, especially when its so obvious, yet other professing Christians see no problem...well except for us. May the Lord cause us to be loyal to Him alone. Democrats and Republicans will come and go, but God rules and reigns forever! Thanks for the encouragement.