Friday, August 06, 2010

Homosexuality: One Reason Anne Rice Left Her Religion

As Apprising Ministries reports:


Now to her credit Joy Behar does ask the tough question concerning Rice’s son Christopher Rice, who is openly gay,[1] when she asks Anne Rice, “Did this have something to do with your decision?” While Rice doesn’t say her son is the cause, clearly when she speaks of her LGBT “gay” readership, as well as how she lived in a “gay neighborhood,” the issue of someone having sexual relations with another of the same sex i.e homosexuality is of foremost concern involving Rice’s own apostasy.

Behar goes one to discuss Rice’s view on abortion, which Anne Rice says she’s personally not in favor of; but leaving this issue aside, Rice tells Behar that she has received many “very gentle” emails from “Christians” who tell her to “come to our church, we’re not anti-gay at all; we have a gay minister.” Well, I first began covering issues surrounding homosexuality in order to help you see the advance of enemy forces against Sola Scriptura because the case for affirming homosexuality simply cannot be made from the Bible; and those who won’t adhere to Scripture on this issue will also eventually bail on the exclusivity of Jesus Christ.

End quote.

As I've said before, people compromise for the sake of relationships. And an audience (think John Piper). Now, Anne Rice was never saved, so she could only compromise something that she proclaimed was true but now rejects. But you see the point: people will do whatever to keep that readership, sell those books, fill up an auditorium.

Do not be deceived: "Bad company ruins good morals." (1Co 15:33)


Brad said...

I think to lump John Piper in with Anne Rice speaks more about your heart than it does John's.

Denise said...

Not if you understood my point. I'll also lump in Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, etc. etc.

The point is that they will not take a biblical and therefore uncompromising stand on what Scripture says because it will affect their audience numbers.

Same thing with White Horse Inn. And "Christian" bookstores, and Contemporary "Christian" artists.

Jim Burton said...

It is interesting that todays devotional "Days of Praise" by The Institute of Creation Research, says, "Never compromise truth in order to gain converts."

I attend a men's Bible study where the pastor when asked "What kind of church should I look for," responds, "Look for one that makes you uncomfortable, one where the preaching convicts you of your sins."

Denise said...


I really enjoy ICR and its Days of Praise precisely because of their high view of Scripture. Its so rare!

I like the pastor's comment you mentioned...and its SO unlike those "Christians" who are wooing Anne Rice to their Goat Herds. Then again, she's a goat herself, and not a sheep.