Thursday, November 04, 2010

False Teachers Hate Premature Detction As Do Their Followers

‎"The preachers of false doctrine dislike nothing more than the premature detection of their doings. Only give them time enough to prepare men's minds for the reception of their 'new views,' and they are confident of success. They have had too much time already, and any who refuse to speak out now must be held to be 'pa...rtakers of their evil deeds.' - Spureon on The Downgrade Contraversy


Alex Guggenheim said...


You don't know me but I have followed your blog for some time and other similar blogs. I started my own personal blog recently and appreciate discernment ministries. In light of this article I want to make you familiar with a group of which I had a long debate at a blog with amessage board formatted comment sections called Sharper Iron. The group or school name is called Ellerslie School of Honor and is headed by a man named Eric Ludy. When the discussion came up I went to the website and immediately noticed some very unhealthy trends and cultic principles being employed. But what struck me was that some people from the school (I suspected Ludy himself but am not emphatic, I cannot read minds) posted at the thread in exaggerated protest against the things I identified. I went into great detail in my documentation of statements and content of the school and Ludy himself.

Ludy and the school right now are a blip on the radar but I believe they are worth watching and I thought I would pass this along.

Ottersons said...

I totally agree with Alex Guggenheim. I have friends who are really into this and it has messed them up but they have no clue. I have researched the teaching at Ellerslie and find so much legalism in is truly a perversion of the Gospel.

Also, if you cost the students a pretty penny to attend this school. Then the other concern I have is with their Church...we know some of the members and the false teachings they are embracing will be disastrous for their young family.

Thanks for listening.

Melinda Kruger said...

I completely disagree with all of this. Not only have I read the Ludy books. But, I attended Ellerslie. I can tell you this- Ellerslie is not unhealthy or a cult. It is filled with complete truth of the bible. Eric speaks truth with passion. Truth's that most christian's want to shove under the table. Jane I would love to know how Ellerslie have messed your friends up. I went there and found it to be an amazing experience.I 100% Support the school as well as the ludy's.