Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Danger of Conferences: Passion 2011 Is An Example

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I think part of the issue is that everyone's busying going to all these conferences which elevate pastors to celebrity status, and pastors are busy speaking at these conferences which can bloat their ego (Piper, Chan, as examples, but not the only ones). Conferences also tend to usurp the authority, giving, and fellowship that is to be found in the local church, but without any accountability.
The Passion conference is a good example of what I mean. The Passion Conference had billing of celebrity teachers/pastors/singers. Chan, who speaks at countless Emergent conferences and has a very man-centered "gospel" video, was one of them. That would be the man who got bored being a pastor and wanted to do something else ("restless" was his word). He has no problem trapsing around the world feeding other shepherd's sheep, but he does have a problem tending to his own (John Piper was also there--and we all know the problems of late with him).

Secondly, the Passion Conference has women teaching men spiritual things, which is a violation of Scripture, and this is exactly the problem. Beth Moore, a proponent of Contemplative Spirituality and a horrific Bible teacher, was one of teachers at the conference. She was teaching men and women. Conferences get away with violating Scripture because they are outside the local church and therefore people justify what's going on. Conferences are actually a very popular way to introduce others to error that they then bring back to their churches. That's why I said they usurp the authority of the local church --there is no accountability. Besides, these things are expensive.

Hillsong UNITED provided some of the music at this conference. Joel Houston, leader of Hillsong UNITED is in leadership at his parent's church, Hillsong Church. Joel's mother, Bobbie, and Joel's sister Laura, are both co-pastors at that church. http://brianandbobbie.com/about-us

Found this article on Hillsong's pastor Brian Houston, father of Hillsong UNITED's frontman, Joel. Aparently Hillsong embraces Ted Bently and the Lakeland Revival heresy. They also other bad teachers at their own Hillsong conferences like Priscilla Shirer, Nicky Gumble (Alpha Course) and John Maxwell.


This year's Passion Conference 2013 according to Apprising Ministries and Do Not Be Surprised:

"Passion targets the younger generation with such high-profile names as Beth Moore, John Piper, Francis Chan, rapper Lecrae and this year, pastor Judah Smith of The City Church in Seattle and popular Christian band, Jesus Culture....
Judah Smith has been profiled briefly here before when, in May of this year, Smith invited Word Faith teacher Brian Houston of Hillsong Church (who, incidentally, just preached weekend services at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church) to preach at The City Church. Oddly enough, New Calvinist pastor Mark Driscoll was excited about the invitation, even encouraging his Twitter followers to attend. 
Judah Smith co-pastors his church with his wife, Chelsea, making the Reformed Driscoll’s endorsement even more perplexing. The presence of a pastrix at The City Church ought not surprise, though, when it is considered that this church was founded by Judah’s parents, pastor Wendell and pastrix Gini Smith....
 End quote.

This conference continues to demonstrate why these speakers are to be rejected. They deny clear Scripture prohibiting false doctrine, false teachers, and women teaching men.


Jeff said...

Thanks denise, for your research. I've been researching myself about Louie Giglio, since I caught wind of my own church looking to show one of his videos in an up-coming evening service. I am the youth leader at my church, and probably the most conservative person in my church....so It can be difficult to look for good materials to use in my bible study. Members of the church board have approached me suggesting that I utilize Louie's videos etc. for the youth group, however, I always do back-round checks on people before using any of their material. It seems simple to me, If we believe we are living in the end times, as most people do, then we have to remember that scripturally speaking, the end times is characterized by apostacy, not revival. So, we should therefore have our guard up, rather than be open and receptive of everything that comes along. Thanks again.

Denise said...

Right Jeff. I'm so glad you are being wise and careful before presenting things before the kids. Your care of their souls and God's Truth is encouraging to see! Thank you for sharing and keep standing for the Truth of Scripture above all else.

JL said...

Brian Houston, who’s on top of the ponzi scheme, is anathematized to even know any better. He’s a true wolf, and he can continue to do what he’s doing, and only thing that’ll ever come out of his ‘ministry’ is nothing but tares. Stay away from Hillsong United/Hillsong Live stuff. They are a business. I’ve noticed Brian Houston, and the whole Houston family to be very proud and arrogant. Nothing like what a real Christian is supposed to be. And yes, I speak from experience, since I’ve encountered them first hand. Avoid such people, and do not buy anything that come from there.

Curtis Blocker said...

I appreciate your attempt to critique, but what kind of fruit do you have to show for the heresy occurring at the passion conferences?

Jeff - what is your decision upon commencing your investigation into Louie Giglio?

Denise said...

JL, here's the latest that I haven't yet posted:


Denise said...

That link was really for Curtis, sorry. However JL would be interested in it as well, I think.