Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll: Together At Last

Two false teachers with two common bonds: Calvinism and John Piper. I'm not surprised in the least.

Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll to share the pulpit at "Grace Agenda" which has NOTHING to do with biblical grace, but only their carnal, fleshly, unbiblical agenda.


So it seems there are two topics I think are red flags:

"Masculinity" will be Driscoll's gig and "Godlust" is Ben Merkle's. Please note that putting "lust" with God is horrific. Its a page taken right out of Piper's book, where he did the same with hedonism and made up a new term, "Christian Hedonism".

Continuing in his obssession with sex is Driscoll's "Love Life 2011" conferences. I find Driscoll's notions of masculinity to be more of that of a bully.

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