Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women Publicly Teaching Unbiblical Doctrine and Practices To Men and Women Violates Scripture: I'm not your problem, God's Word is

I continue to notice how many emails I get from people who are angry, mad, or upset with me for calling out the unbiblical ministries of Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Priscilla Shirer .

After laying out the foundational problems and comparing what these women errorneous teach and to whom they teach, against the standard of Scripture, people are still getting mad at me. Folks, I'm not the one to be mad at. I'm merely exposing these public women teachers for their indefensible violations of Scripture. God has already spoken in His Word: women are not to teach men, for it was the woman who was deceived not the man. And these women, Arthur, Moore, and Shirer, are examples of why this prohibition is in place by God Himself.

What is very clear is that people who claim Christ are not offended by what offends HIM. They are not angered by what angers HIM. It appears that anger, except for theirs of course, is unholy and uncalled for.

If only these people who are far more tolerant of their unbiblical, ungodly teachers, would also show me the same tolerance and acceptance....

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