Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Little Johnny by Joey Rogers

Little Johnny is being raised in a world today in which my tax dollars pay for him to be taught that it is socially acceptable and normal to be a Sodomite, a cross dresser, feminine in nature, morally relative in his worldview, and more concerned with kittens and trees than other human lives. He can murder babies, have relations with his male friends, scream and cuss at his parents, and blame every wrong action on his cultural surroundings. He's guilty of absolutely nothing, and yet he's entitled to everything. Again, you and I are paying for Little Johnny to be turned into a cross dressing, anti-work minded, feministic, tree hugging baby killer, with absolutely no life skills unless snorting bath salts and drinking imported alcohol can be considered life skills. Oh, but you should see how fast he can text!

The social Gospel was once a vital part of the Christian Culture in our Western Civilization. Christians once took serious the ideas of being salt and light, and influencing the culture with moral excellence, and high virtuous standards of living. George Washington said in his farewell address that we would be foolish as a Nation to think morality can survive apart from religious influence. Now we as modern Christians have handed our child rearing over to a secular mob.

“Little Johnny, human life is not fearfully and wonderfully created by God Almighty in His very own image. Rather, you are nothing more than a hairless ape. There is no true point or meaning to the human existence. Now Johnny, we can’t prove this. It’s only a theory. There’s even much evidence to the contrary. However, our world view allows you to live in utter wickedness with no God to answer to! You can kill babies, have sex with whomever you wish, become a raging alcoholic and drug addict, steal from your family and friends to support your habits, and then the Government will label you as ill, rent you an apartment, pay your bills, give you free health care, and buy your food every month! You are entitled to everything everyone else has, regardless of your work ethic, or how you behave in society! C’mon Little Johnny, eat the fruit…” ~ This is exactly what you and I are paying for our children to be taught.

Oh but let’s not lay all the blame on our secular society. Let’s examine our own practices. Let’s buy Little Johnny a $20,000 sports car when he turns 16. We’ll hand him gas money regularly, buy him nothing but the very best clothing, and we’ll toss in a nice lap top and cell phone to boot. We’ll give him 24/7 access to pornography, false religions, immoral suggestions, and evil vices through the internet. We’ll allow him to disrespect his elders, disrespect authority figures, and we’ll bail him out of any trouble he gets into. We’ll give him free reign to go and do as he pleases, and we’ll cave to his every request. The last thing we will ever do is make him work for a living and provide for himself! God forbid! When Johnny impregnates his 16 year old girlfriend we’ll rent them an apartment and pay all their bills… If they even have the baby. I mean, we will not encourage an abortion of Little Johnny Junior, but these kids haven’t even had the opportunity to go to college yet! Little Johnny needs his education! Have to send him to college so they can reinforce all the moral relativism and ethical pragmatism we’ve taught him! Oh, we’ll pay for his college too. Can’t have Little Johnny working for anything, now can we?

Oh well, there’s always church for Little Johnny. We’ll dress him up and take him to youth group. He can meet girls there! We’ll find a good church to take Little Johnny too. We’ll find a church that teaches religious pluralism, moral relativism, and the acceptance of all lifestyles. A good church that presents Jesus as a Sodomite loving hippie who said we are never to judge wicked sinners, just let them be who they are. A church that says sin doesn’t exist, and God created queers, baby killers, and child molesters to be exactly who they are, and He loves them that way. Yep, we gotta get Little Johnny in a good American church!

You want to hear the scary part? Little Johnny will soon be running this Nation. Both political parties are evil laden, and serve the wealthy big interest groups who fund their campaigns and cater to their wicked desires. This nation is literally collapsing in front of us, and all we care about is who is on the American Idol, whether or not we have cell service, and if Kentucky will land the next top prospect for Basketball. Now just think, what in God’s green earth is Little Johnny’s America going to look like? How much worse will things turn out in twenty years?

What will it take for men to be men again? If Goliath arrived today, what young David would put down their cell phone and xbox controller, spit out their tongue ring, take some hand sanitizer to the creek and clean off a couple rocks, and go slay that uncircumcised Philistine?!?! What young Joshua will stand up in his college class filled with Sodomites and transvestites, pull up his extra baggy jeans above his boxers and say, “You people can worship yourselves and your immorality, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!” What young Daniel will wash the green streaks out his hair, scrub off his fingernail polish, ditch his pretty pink shoe laces, and stand up to an ungodly Muslim ruler and say, “Bring on the lions, for I fear only the One True Living God, and not the opinions of wicked men!” I guess George Jones asked the perfect question, “Who is gonna fill their shoes?” If it’s Little Johnny, you can bet they’ll be the prettiest shoes a metro-sexual can pick up on their credit card at the mall!

Summary: We as modern “Christians” should be absolutely ashamed at the abomination that is our silence. WE ARE TO BLAME. Repent! Stand up for what is truly right and stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the blatant wickedness of this ungodly generation…

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Joey Rogers is pastor of Means Baptist Church, Kentucky

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