Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tim Keller: Unsure What Happens To Muslims, Sikhs, and Jews After Death?

Brannon Howse: Aired September 8, 2011

Topic One: Jan Markell joins Brannon Howse to talk about an author that wrote an article attacking Brannon because he believes the culture war is lost and does not believe in dominion theology. This author writes, “Who is going to bother being 'salt and light' in a lost cause? “ Do you think Christians in Cuba and China have given up on preaching the gospel because they live under communism? “Light” in this verse means showing forth the gospel in our lives and Christians can and should do this in good and bad times? Topic: Hear Pastor Tim Keller say that he does not know what happens to Muslims, Sikhs and Jews if they die without Jesus Christ. Can you say “political correctness”? Has Keller become the Joel Osteen of reformed theology?

Well back in 2009 I wrote that Tim Keller is the Reformed version of Rick Warren and I did a comparison of the two. Go here for that article. I'm glad Brannon Howse is shedding light on Keller too.

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