Monday, December 05, 2011

Secular Company Buys Thomas Nelson

Excerpts from WND, as Jim Fletcher reported:


With news that HarperCollins Publishers has purchased Thomas Nelson – the biggest Christianpublishingcompanyin the world – we see the biggest assault yet on the Christian industry.

Harper, which ownsZondervan, a major competitor to Nelson, is adopting the strategy that began in the '90s: We won't join Christian publishing, so we'll beat it.

It doesn't take a shuttle scientist to see that once a Christian company becomes the property of a secular company, the Christian entity is no longer independent. There used to be a few independent publishers out there, and no one compromised their messages, and no one told them to steer clear of certain conservative authors.

I remember once bringing all this up at dinner with some publishing friends; we were at the big summer Christiantradeshow, sponsored by the Christian Booksellers Association.

I said something that sounds off-the-wall to anyone but a Bible-believer. I said that if we were indeed living in the last days (someone else had brought it up), then we should be able to track compromise in Christian publishing. In other words, if the writings of Paul and the other apostles are true, we would arrive at a time when people would not put up with sound doctrine.

End quote.

I've thought the same thing--the "Christian" (really, the right word is Religious, because almost all of them sell Roman Catholic books and trinkets, along with anti-Trinitarian (aka Modalist) authors), bookstores are the barometer of "Evangelical Christianity". Its pathetic.

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