Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mark Driscoll Steps Down From Head of Acts 29 and TGC Council

X-rated Mark Driscoll has stepped down as head of his Acts 29 ministry, handing it off to current board member Matt Chandler and Darrin Patrick, also currently on the board.Not much will change, I suspect, because the leadership is not changing, just re-arranging. Driscoll will remain on the board.

"Together, we decided, in light of all the complexity we’re facing, that the best thing for Acts 29 going forward would be for Matt Chandler to assume the presidency, move the network offices to Dallas, and select his Acts 29 staff.In light of this, I want to sincerely thank the people of Mars Hill for investing millions of dollars over the years in Acts 29 and the people of The Village for being willing to house the Acts 29 headquarters."

So all of this, the new arrangement and the extremely close connection Chandler has had with Emergent Acts 29 and Driscoll confirms what I'v seen over the years, but many people did not want to believe.

In addition Driscoll has also stepped down from The "Gospel" Coalition council as well.

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