Monday, August 06, 2012

Examine Yourself To See If you Are In The Faith

If you didn’t come to Jesus with the contrite attitude of giving Him everything that you are or ever will be…You never truly came to Him.
If you aren’t ready to humbly confess & forsake your sin… You are not ready to come to Him at all.
If you don’t trust Him in faith to run your entire life through His Word… You do not have saving faith.
If you are ashamed of Jesus… He will be ashamed of you before the Father.
If your faith doesn’t habitually produce godly fruit… You have dead faith that cannot save. 

If you want salvation your own way with your own stipulations… You do not have biblical salvation; you have religion. 

When you come to the point of faith that trusts Jesus and denies self…When you are ready to take up your cross daily and follow Jesus… When you are willing to sell all to purchase that pearl of great price (Jesus)… When you hate your sin and want to worship God…Then you are ready to be His and He is ready to be yours.

~Susan Brackley

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