Monday, August 06, 2012

Silence From the Homosexual Activists On Homosexual Pedophilia

Where are the homosexual activists when it comes to pedophilia, as in the Sandusky case?  Where's the care for the children and their innocence being violated in the most heinous way possible? The silence is deafening.

“Also, since homosexual activists push so hard for Gay Straight Alliances in schools, many of which have clearly introduced younger gay boys to older gay men, it is difficult for gay activists to take the high moral ground when it comes to exposing and condemning Sandusky,” the conservative pundit contends.

“There have been problems at Penn State for a long time, and this report finally reveals it for the world to see,” Gramley commented. “Under the leadership of Graham Spanier and the free rein the board of trustees gave him, Penn State has been traveling down the wrong road and needs to get back on course. The culture that was allowed to exist created the scandal, ignored the cries of innocent boys and hoped to keep it under wraps to protect the school’s reputation. Additionally, what cannot be ignored is the homosexual connection – all Sandusky’s victims were young boys.

“One reason would be that there could be the appeal to horseplay or roughing it up or the like. And within the context of his charitable organization, it was expected for him to be around boys, showing a real interest in them,” Brown posited before giving the main reason that is consistently avoided by the media. “The other reason is that to report a homosexual pedophile means to risk giving homosexuality a bad name, and one does not do that and emerge unscathed.”
He said history already shows that influence.
End quote. 
Bullying really does work. This is the politically correct (but morally and spiritually corrupt) mentality today. That's just wrong. 


Joel Tay said...

HI Denise, I was reading a number of articles on your site. fantastic articles. Well written and theologically sharp!

It is such an encouragement to read of someone writing from a calvinistic perspective (true calvinistic) in contrast to many of the pop-calvinistic/Neo-amyraldian understanding of calvinism being promoted in much of the reformed word. (As seen in your post on Piper and MacArthur's view on the two wills of God.) Were you quoting Matthew McMahon's book?

I also assume that you are a credo-baptist? From your post of St. Patrick) Praise God.

Are you on facebook? Please add me if you are:

Denise said...

Thank you for your encouragement Joel. I'll have to look at the quote to see if it was McMahon's book--I can't remember off the top of my head. =) I am a credo-baptist, yes. I refer to myself as a Sovereign Grace Baptist, which covers both the TULIP, Five Solas, Believer's Baptism, and Baptist distinctives. =) May the Lord bless you as you continue to abide in His infallible, living Word!