Thursday, November 29, 2012


‎"You don't need self esteem. You need the knowledge of God". 

- Paul Washer


ToreysQueen said...

I just came across your blog by Googling for info on John Piper's many questionable choices I've been seeing. I can't understand how more people (especially those so much more knowledgable than me!) don't see this! I, too, like Paul Washer and have been very blessed through his ministry. Do you have a FB page? I do not understand blogs at all! But I like what I see on here very much. I pray you continue fighting the good fight.

Denise said...

Hi ToreysQueen,

Thank you for stopping by. I know what you mean re: Piper. There are some that are reporting on his increasing errors, but because he's so well loved, people refuse to be biblically critical of him.

Here are a few sites with good info on Piper:

And yes I'm on FB under Denise Grimes.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and may the Lord bless your desire to be discerning.