Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Driscoll Affirms Heretic Joel Osteen as a Brother in Christ and as a Victim of His Reformed Brothers

According to the 'Christian'Post:

In a recent interview with The Gospel Coalition, the Mars Hill Church pastor was asked to comment on a segment of his new book, Who Do You Think You Are?, that mentions "appreciated people" who "exchange grumbling for praying, competing for celebrating, bitterness for thankfulness, performing for serving, and boasting for encouraging."
The interviewer, TGC's associate editor Matt Smethurst, asked Driscoll, "What's an 'appreciated person'? Isn't that what Joel Osteen wants me to be?"

"I am aware of the theological differences that exist between our tribe and Pastor Joel," Driscoll responded. "I also know my Reformed brothers like to treat Pastor Joel like a pinata, but there are worse things than being happy and encouraging at a time when the most common prescription medications are antidepressants."
Driscoll made the same reference to the common use of antidepressants in his 2007 multipart sermon series "The Rebel's Guide to Joy," in which he mentions in part one Osteen's preaching of the Gospel, which has been labeled by some as a prosperity, or health and wealth, message.

More at The "Gospel" Coalition.

Apparently Driscoll has a new book coming out in 2013.

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