Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Left Pushes Pedophilia Sodomy


Shocking allegations by former child actor Michael Egan against openly “gay” “X-Men” director and producer Bryan Singer have stunned Hollywood into relative silence. I say “relative silence” because, unless he’s a Catholic priest, the relativist left’s false narrative is that a “gay” man is always the victim and never the victimizer.

To be sure, not all homosexuals are pedophiles. Yet a grossly disproportionate number of them are
Consider, for instance, a study published in the left-leaning Archives of Sexual Behavior of over 200 convicted pedophiles and pederasts. It found that “86 percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.” This demonstrates, as notes Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, that “homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than heterosexual men.”
This makes perfect sense when coupled with another 2001 study in the same peer-reviewed publication. It found that nearly half of all “gay”-identified men who participated in research were molested by a homosexual pedophile as boys: “46 percent of homosexual men and 22 percent of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of the same gender. This contrasts to only 7 percent of heterosexual men and 1 percent of heterosexual women reporting having been molested by a person of the same gender.”
The connection between homosexual abuse and “gay identity” is undeniable. Although clearly not all “gay”-identified men and women abuse children, or were abused as children, the verifiable reality is that an alarmingly high percentage of them do and were. As with most forms of abuse, the cycle is both circular and vicious. “Born that way?” Not so much. “Made that way?” Sadly, it appears so.
But of equal concern is the fact that many of the most prominent “LGBT” activists across the globe have either overtly endorsed, or given their implicit approval of, what the left euphemistically calls “intergenerational intimacy” (read: child rape).
End quote.
~Western Journalism

The article notes that Peter Tatchell, "marriage equality" activist is widely respected among the LGBT movement. He calls pedophilia "positive" and that, "[I]t is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”
The article goes on to discuss how Obama's  "Safe School" czar, Kevin Jennings not only failed to report sexual assault by a teacher on a 15 year old boy, but  according to the Washington Times reported in 2009, he encouraged the pedophilia predatory relationship!
Then there was Harry Hay, hero of Jennings and "founding father" of the modern sodomite rights movement and an "icon" for LGBT "history month" among the entire sodomite activist community.

"Not surprisingly, Hay was a child rape enthusiast and avid supporter of the pedophile North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAM/BLA." He claimed that what sodomite kids of ages 13 to 15, need more than anything else is a relationship with an older man.
The article continues:
"Or take “LGBT” martyr Harvey Milk, a sexual predator known to have statutorily raped, repeatedly, a drug-addicted, teenage, runaway boy. Milk’s punishment? The Obama administration just awarded him an honorary USPS postage stamp.
Am I the only one who sees the pattern here? Has the goddess of “tolerance” really driven the world completely blind with madness?"
 For the entire article go to Western Journalism.

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