Tuesday, July 29, 2014

God's Sovereignty

"Today, to make mention of God's Sovereignty is, in many quarters, to speak in an unknown tongue."
~ A.W. Pink

Or really, to speak of God's sovereignty without qualification, without exception, without inserting man, is to speak in an unknown tongue. People want insert a condition, a limitation on God's sovereignty, making it partial, not whole; to make it conditional and not absolute. And the condition:except for man's "free will". Most "Christians" insert man into the equation, removing God's absolute power, will, and reign and instead gives man the competing sovereignty over God re: salvation.  

This is no different than what the Romanists do with Jesus and Mary. All they believe about Jesus they attribut to Mary (as their Catechism states clearly). They cannot have Jesus Christ, nor any of the Three Persons in the Triune Godhead, have all the praise, spotlight, worship, admiration, veneration, and glory. No, just like most Evangelicals, they insert the pope and Mary into the equation, forcing "Jesus" and the "Holy  Spirit" to share the glory, praise, veneration, spotlight, power, etc. with Mary.

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