Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama The Messiah Not Only Failed, But The Nobel Peace President Is Going Back Into War

For five years they did everything they could to discredit Bush and anybody else that supported it, including General Petraeus, you remember all that.  So Obama campaigns for president, gets elected on the premise that he's gonna finally get us out of here. He's gonna end torture. He's gonna close Gitmo. He's going to close this whole horrid chapter of history that shows what an absolute reprobate this country is, what an absolute disaster America is.  He's gonna end it and he's gonna put it back together.  The planet's gonna heal and the world is gonna love America again.  There isn't gonna be any more Al-Qaeda, and there isn't gonna be any more terrorism, because Obama's here, and he has a special way to relate to these people 'cause his name is Barack and he grew up somewhere else. 
He's a powerful guy. He's the smartest guy. He's a messiah. He can do it all. He can heal the planet. He can lower the sea levels. He can lower the temperature. He can save all the endangered species. He can get rid of oil. He can go with alternative energy. We could have no pollution ever, and nobody's ever gonna die. We're gonna have universal health care to make sure nobody ever dies. It was gonna be a utopia and it was all centered around the fact that we were gonna get the hell out of Iraq.  Right?
And that's what they did.  First chance, skedaddled, left no residual force because they never took it seriously as a military engagement.  They never took it seriously as a military operation.  They couldn't afford to all of a sudden take it seriously after Obama wins the White House.  They'd spent five years trashing it.  They and their friends in the media had spent five years telling the American people that Iraq was a total boondoggle, a mistake. We should never have been there. We should never have gone in the first place, and we're not gonna leave any evidence that we've ever been there. It's an embarrassment.

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