Thursday, September 17, 2015

Muslim Husband Tells Soccer Player Wife She Can't Leave To Play In Championship

Iranian soccer star Niloufar Ardalan will not play in  the Asian Football Federation Women's Futsal Championship because her husband invoked Islamic law to prevent her from traveling. (Image: Facebook, Niloufar Ardalan)
photo source: WND

An Iranian soccer star just found out her free will ends the moment her husband invokes rights under Islam.

Niloofar Ardalan, 30, may be the captain of the Iranian women’s soccer team, but her husband has forbidden her from traveling outside the country for the Asian Football Federation Women’s Futsal Championship. The five-on-five tournament begins today and runs through Sept. 26 in Nilai, Malaysia.
“My husband didn’t give me my passport so that I can [participate] in the games, and because of his opposition to my travel abroad, I [will] miss the matches,” Ardalan said during a recent interview, Fox News reported Sept. 15.
The athlete’s husband, sportscaster Mehdi Tutunchi, wants her home for the their son’s first day of school on Sept. 23.

When will Westerners understand that Islam will not tolerate feminism?

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