Saturday, September 19, 2015

Politics and Christianity: a parallel

I've often said that if you see what is going on in politics, you will see it's parallel in "Christianity". With a little bit of personal literary license, allow me to demonstrate:
So those of us who cherish those, stand up and defend them, all of a sudden we're to blame? All of a sudden it's our fault for talking about the biblical and social issues? And what it invariably always comes back to, what all of that really means is, "Would you stop talking --" and it's not aimed at just me, by the way. "Would you stop talking about abortion, it's just killing us. Never gonna change it. We're losing the women. We're losing the Millennials. We're losing the unchurched. This old-fashioned fuddy-duddy kind of stuff, just forget it, don't talk about it. We can't win people over, never gonna win the world."
Isn't it interesting how the liberals and the world continue to tell us what we have to do to win approval, as though they are interested in that. We can't win their approval unless we support amnesty along with them. We can't win unless we support gay marriage...We can't win unless we understand to shut up about abortion and, quote, unquote, the social and biblical issues.
…and what that means is you better stop talking about conservative Christianity, 'cause if you talk about that, you're never gonna get the moderates, you're never gonna win the unchurched. So the “moderate” Christians in that instance want us to get rid of our primarily identity and strength under the premise we can't get unchurched or millennials to agree with us and be a "Christ-follower" because conservative Christianity , nobody wants it, it's too big a negative and all that.

Now, the actual article or transcript was from Rush Limbaugh on the Liberals and Conservativism, in "Social Issues Don't Hurt Republicans".

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