Friday, December 11, 2015

Christianity Is A Friendly Event Now

Where we are now is the thrill of vast public recognition and the love for widespread exposure, locking arms with whomever will get us there. Christianity has become a friendly event, not the sworn enemy of the world's satanic, diabolical system. We do not want the teachings, we want the euphoria of experience and jargon. She no longer stands with her Master in complete solidarity at the risk of suffering expulsion from this world. For the right price, everyone is invited to the great American show, except Jesus Christ and His disciples. And even when they are, those who are like He and His disciples are forewarned that they must conform to the whims of men. The Lord Jesus would overturn our tables and scourge our money changing with great ferocity. And we would, astutely, claim that we must crucify Him to uphold the honor of God in our midsts. Just as is done to His messengers that signal these things in the present hour.

~Biblical Christ Research Institute

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