Friday, December 11, 2015

IHOP's One Thing Conference With Catholics, SBC, and Francis Chan

Note that Francis Chan is also to speak. He's becoming more hardened against the Truth and deceived by Satan. He has stated how he admires heretic Mike Bickle who's a huge IHOP leader. Also SBC Pres. Ronnie Floyd, who's determined to get the entire SBC involved in this spiritual harlotry. List of speakers/singers here.

See the information of what this is about:

IHOP-KC once again withholds mention of Catholic participation at Onething conference

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emerybayblues said...

I just read an article on this at the SBC Voices website regarding the concern of Ron Floyd speaking at the event. most of the comments were ok, but there were the few bomb throwers who made accusations of criticism being blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and that the "bizarre" manifestations are isolated.