Saturday, January 16, 2016

How You Dress Reflects How You See God

At least this group admits it: how they see God is demonstrated by how they dress:

We Value Being Real
We want to be real in our relationship with God and each other. We choose to unmask our religious veneers even when it is much more “comfortable” to hide. We will not consciously try to “hype” the atmosphere or do things for “show”.
As a Result:
Casual and comfortable characterizes our dress and attitude.
Conversational teaching/equipping characterizes our meetings.

End quote.

They also ordain women, against Scripture's command.

AEA says: 

"Pastor Saeed has been connected with the American Evangelistic Association since early 2010, when Dr. John Reinhold, who was then President of AEA, invited Pastor Saaed into the organization."

It seems there are some inconsistencies with Saeed Abedini's story.

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