Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why A Young Creation Doctrine Matters

Excerpts from ICR's "Why Recent Creation Matters":

As a result, many people who consider themselves creationists have been intimidated against this biblical concept. Instead, they try to cling to the 19th-century evolutionary compromise now known as the “day-age theory” and “progressive creation.” Some take refuge in the “gap theory,” hoping they can ignore the problem by pigeonholing the evolutionary ages of the geologists in an imaginary gap between the first two verses of Genesis. Both theories attempt to accommodate the geological ages, even though it is the geological ages that provide the main basis and framework for evolution. We “young earth creationists” are an embarrassment to both the progressive creationists and the gap creationists, and so they urge us to acknowledge that recent creation is merely an optional interpretation that is unimportant and expendable.
When the biblical and theological data are also considered (in a church or another Christian context), the doctrine of recent creation becomes critically significant, integrally interwoven with the doctrine of creation itself. 
Progressive creationism” is not a modern interpretation developed to bring the Genesis record into harmony with modern science, but it is a very ancient concept devised to impose a theistic connotation upon the almost universal pagan evolutionary philosophies of antiquity. 

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