Sunday, July 02, 2017

A List Of How James White Was Wrong In Promoting Imam Qadhi

In January, 2017 Christian apologist James White invited Muslim leader Yasir Qadhi to have an inter-faith dialogue meeting at Grace Church in Memphis, TN. White has come under attack for this event for many reasons including: (1) Allowing Qadhi to justify Islam by lying and misleading Christians with demonstrably incorrect claims all unchallenged; (2) Endorsing Qadhi’s dishonest portrait and promotion of “true” Islam as being peaceful even though it is not, and even though Qadhi has recently endorsed, buddied up with and defended terrorists, and even though Qadhi is a member of numerous terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood front groups (as the Holy Land Foundation Trial proves); (3) Having an inter-faith meeting in a church in front of Christians which is unbiblical; (4) Allying with a wicked leader of a false religion like Qadhi is unbiblical (e.g. calling Qadhi his “mentor,” saying he has a “kindred spirit” with Qadhi, wanting to unite with Qadhi and Muslims against secularism, saying he is honored by Qadhi’s presence, and "fellowshiping" with Qadhi and Muslims as the event banner advertised, etc). In this article I will explain the reasons why these criticisms of White are valid.
White’s critics include the following Christians and experts in Islam:

Keith Thompson of, Sam Shamoun of, Anthony Rogers of, Robert Spencer, David Wood (on White’s denial “true” Islam is violent) of, Paul Flynn of, Brannon Howse of, Usama Dakdok of, Steve Hayes (on various objections) of Even James Simpson of has critiqued White on this, as has former FBI counter-terrorism expert John Guandolo of At the end of this article all the relevant critiques of White from these people will be provided. Thousands of Christians viewing the controversy on the side lines have likewise taken a stand against White for his compromising actions.
Below is the video of the event and throughout this article I will provide time-stamp references whenever I quote or allude to statements of White and Qadhi from it (e.g. “05:11”, etc).

End quote.

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Also, I suggest looking at exactly how Yasir Qadhi lied and therefore how James helped the lies by leaving him unchallenged.

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