Sunday, July 02, 2017

John MacArthur Says It's Not A Sin For A Christian To Bake A Product For A Same-Sex "Wedding"

He couldn't be more wrong. Mac, you're killing me. To bake for a sodomy union is akin to helping them celebrate something blasphemous. I can't believe he's relegated this to a mere issue of personal preference/political issue. He's compromising and it's hard to watch.

Christian Post reports that during the Q&A at Ligonier's 2017 conference, MacArthur answered this question: is it sinful for a Christian to make a product for a same-sex wedding?

His answer:
"No, it's not sinful for a cake maker to make a cake for a gay wedding anymore than its sinful for a guy who runs a restaurant to serve dinner to somebody who is gay, sits in a booth and eats the food, or goes to the market and buys a loaf of bread and you own the market," he argued. "What the issue is, is not whether that's sinful. It's weather the federal government can demand that people do certain things, which goes against their Christian conscience."
MacArthur argued that this is "more of a political governmental issue."
"I actually think that we need to show love to everyone and particularly, we need to do good to all those that are outside the kingdom, as well as inside the kingdom, as much as possible — a gesture of kindness toward some unregenerate person is in itself not a sin," he added.
However, MacArthur suggested it is plausible for Christians to feel that serving a gay wedding violates their "conscience in some way" and argued that they should have the right to act in accordance with their conscience.

End quote.
It's one thing to feed a person food to eat, but quite another to aid in their abominable celebration. That's straight up approval. MacArthur is not ending his ministry well at all, and while I've benefited from his teaching immensely for 30 years, it's clear that he's become just another compromiser.
The political/governmental catagorizing wasn't an answer to the question. The question was, is it a sin for a Christian to bake a cake for a sodomite union? And just because it's lawful (via civil government) doesn't mean it's right or good. God defines what is good and righteous.
Is. 45:19b I, the LORD, speak righteousness, Declaring things that are upright.  
"Doing good" doesn't include promoting their sinful behavior. He's mixing the idea of the Good Samaritan (meeting a TRUE need and doing good) with selling meat for idol worship (which is not a need and is helping them sin against the Holy One of Israel) and it just can't be done biblically. How is it showing kindness and love by aiding and abetting a pagan do continue in his abominations and doing so as a Christian? How?
MacArthur has become more political and less spiritual. He wasn't doing this 10-15 years ago.
Rom 3:5 But if our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God, what shall we say? The God who inflicts wrath is not unrighteous, is He? (I am speaking in human terms.)
Rom 3:6 May it never be! For otherwise, how will God judge the world?
Rom 3:7 But if through my lie the truth of God abounded to His glory, why am I also still being judged as a sinner?
Rom 3:8 And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), "Let us do evil that good may come"? Their condemnation is just.

1Th 5:22  Abstain from every form of evil

Isa 31:2  Yet He also is wise and will bring disaster And does not retract His words, But will arise against the house of evildoers and against the help of the workers of iniquity. 
Isa 31:3  Now the Egyptians are men and not God, And their horses are flesh and not spirit; So the LORD will stretch out His hand, And he who helps will stumble And he who is helped will fall, And all of them will come to an end together


lyn said...

I had red flags go up over several issues concerning JMac, including his insistence you can receive the mark and STILL be saved afterwards. THAT is a false teaching and a lie from the pit of hell. I stopped listening to him a long time ago....

Unknown said...

This is so sad. I am surprised that John MacArthur would endorse that since it means helping to celebrate a sin that God calls an abomination. We are seeing God's wrath in nation after nation that has endorsed same sex marriage. Look how many nations had gay pride parades and festivals. I saw the headline that Madrid had the world's largest such festival. Romans 1 clearly states that God abandons people because they do not worship Him as the Creator and instead worship His creation and He gives people over to such base sins and that He has done so in judgement. Yes, we are to love the lost and we are to warn them of God's judgement to come. How is baking a cake for a wedding that is an abomination to God going to help give a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ? I see it as giving confirmation of that sinful union and life style. We are seeing so many pastors in Christianity compromise the truth. The fact that so many countries have gone down the road of approving the gay lifestyle is yet another sign that the return of Christ is near.

Unknown said...

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance, but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 1Peter 1:14-16

lyn said...

I wonder how JMac would respond to this -

Denise said...


It's funny you brought that one up b/c I did the same on Twitter. That's what MacArthur's opened himself up to--the wicked slippery slope.

Denise said...

I agree unknown. Absolutely. Scripture says in Is. 31 that God will punish the helpers of the wicked, not just the wicked. Validating that which is a horrific blasphemy not just about marriage but the picture of Christ and His church marriage portrays is absolutely unthinkable.

lyn said...

Exactly Denise. I wonder how he'll get around this one?

As A.W. Pink rightly stated, "To turn away from the lifeless preachers and publishers of the day—may involve a real cross. Your motives will be misconstrued, your words perverted, and your actions misinterpreted. The sharp arrows of false report will be directed against you. You will be called proud and self-righteous, because you refuse to fellowship empty professors. You will be termed censorious and bitter—if you condemn in plain speech—the subtle delusions of Satan. You will be dubbed narrow-minded and uncharitable, because you refuse to join in singing the praises of the “great” and “popular” men of the day. More and more, you will be made to painfully realize—that the path which leads unto eternal life is “narrow” and that FEW there are who find it. May the Lord be pleased to grant unto each of us—the hearing ear and obedient heart! “Take heed what you hear” and read!

Denise said...

One of my favorite quotes from Pink.