Monday, October 16, 2017

Piper: your cross is about your feelings

More man-centered false gospel from Piper:

The reason God gives us a cross is because he wants us to have more joy than our sinful pleasures could ever deliver.
Deny Yourself for Greater Joy
When God calls his people to deny themselves and take up their crosses, he is inviting them to walk along the path of purest pleasure.
Piper turns sanctification and it's goal into being all about our subjective feelings. This more snake oil selling of the heretical "Christian hedonism".
Part 1 - Piper's Journey Into Hedonism
Part 2 -Into the Darkness

Piper also redefines "lostness" as "not merely rebellion against God's authority, but blindness to His beauty."


Darrel said...

John Piper: master orator

John Piper: master of deception

"Desiring God" has turned out to be "desiring TO BE God."

emerybayblues said...

It is so sad that people still glom on to this mans teachings.