Saturday, October 28, 2017

The profile of the Pharisees and Scribes according to Scripture

Based on Matt. 15,23, and Luke 18:9-14

talked about the Scriptures
knew the Scriptures
worshiped God
gave honor to God
asked Jesus questions
fasted twice a week
observed religious holidays and feasts
blind guides
trusted in themselves as righteous
saw themselves as more righteous than others
had contempt for others
went beyond Scripture on tithing
while they honored God with their lips, their hearts were far from Him
worshiped God in vain
taught men's precepts as if biblical doctrine
judged others by their traditions, not Scripture
repeatedly broke the very Law they claimed they knew
listed other's sins while applauding self righteousness before God in prayer
lack of mercy, faithfulness, and justice
no integrity-they swore by things in the temple & on the alter-triaged these things
low view of God and His temple
triaged the law, the temple, the people
dead inside
pretty outside
defiled inside
unclean inside
worried about appearances
worried about maintaining political sway with the peopl
sought John's baptism for pragmatic reasons
impediment to the salvation of others making them twice the sons of devils than they
feared the masses
asked insincere questions of Jesus in order to trap Him
judged Jesus
underhanded to obtain false witness testimony to get Jesus killed-unjust
hated Christ
hated Christ's disciples and apostles
claimed lineage to Abraham as authority
claimed position as authority
worked with their enemies in order to get Jesus killed (pragmatic, political)
no faith in God

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