Monday, September 08, 2008

"Christians" defending Palin Using Same Mentality As The Pro-Abortion Debate

Its interesting to me to see "Christians" defend Sarah Palin's position as a leader at the expense of her family's needs, just like pro-abortionists.

They say its her right to choose to work full time. But the child suffers enormously without the mother around.

Just like its a choice to abort a child, even if it means making that poor baby suffer a slow and agonizing death.

Its the same mentality in thinking here (and no, I'm not saying those who support Palin are supporting abortion, but I'm sure I'll be accused of that). These "Christians" are not thinking of God's command of women to submit to their husbands as is proper in HIS design of marriage; they are not thinking of the ill affects on the children with a motherless home/family life; or a home with an emasculated father; they are thinking solely of the mother's RIGHT TO CHOOSE...not to abort the child, but dump it nearly as sooon as its born.

How utterly tragic and self-serving.

I believe people compromise Truth because they have a relationship at stake. I see this continue to come to fruition.

This doesn't please HIM in the least and it destroys families.

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Prodigal Knot said...

Your use of the term "God's command of women to submit to their husbands" needs to be addressed in the light of reality.

If Palin left the decision up to her husband (which she may very well have done) and her husband said "Honey, I say run for VP!" how then is she not submitting to her husband?

I am not saying it's proper or even commendable for her to run for office, per se', but that IS what politicians do! I am actually disappointed that everyone who's against Palin running "because she's a woman" or "she's married with a family" expects her to be a perfect mother. Who among us is perfect in any way? Where is the credit for the good things she HAS done? It's not like she's wanting to be a minister.